Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of SIDC

The Quality Policy of State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) focuses on full implementation of tasks and duties related to SIDC position in the state apparat of Slovak republic in the field of human pharmacy.

In compliance with the Quality Policy, the management of SIDC is actively involved in both, creation of adequate conditions for functional quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 9004 and ISO/IEC 17025 and in fulfilment of objectives focused on customers, stakeholders, SIDC employees and patients.

The Quality Policy of SIDC focuses on following issues: 

in relation to customers

  • on prompt and professional handling of requests and on qualified, uniform and consistent performance of professional activities in all organizational units of SIDC, including electronic data processing,
  • on impartiality, objectivity, transparency and confidentiality when providing services,
  • on developing of professional communication, including requests for customers` feedback regarding the quality of provided services,

in relation to stakeholders 

  • on active participation of SIDC management in the national drug policy in cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Health,
  • on developing of cooperation with organizations ensuring the quality of medicines and medical devices: on both, the national level (professional organizations – Slovak Pharmaceutical Chamber, Slovak Medical Chamber, Association of Slovak companies in the field of drug regulation, regional governmental bodies, and other ministries of SR) and on the international level (EU and PIC/S),
  • on obtaining of a stable and reputable position among medical agencies  and related bodies (EMA, EDQM, and WHO),

in relation to SIDC employees 

  • on creating conditions for adequate education and professional development of employees,
  • on objective, impartial and motivating evaluation of employees` performance,
  • on effective communication of information and increasing of staff involvement in SIDC activities either individually or as a team,
  • on improvement of SIDC management system documentation in order to ensure systematic, goal-oriented and high-quality performance of assigned tasks,
  • on increasing employees` conciseness of their personal commitment to quality, as well as their compliance with the Code of Ethics of SIDC,
  • on systematic evaluation of SIDC activities, elimination of gaps and deficiencies and dynamic improvement of all activities,
  • on open communication within SIDC using all available forms and implementation of findings,

in relation to patients / citizens of Slovak Republic

  • on availability of high quality and safe medicines and medical devices on the market,
  • on availability of information regarding authorized medicinal products and those withdrawn from the market.
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