Žalúdočná čajová zmes

Code 76433
MA number 94/0342/98-S
Product Form: spc 20x1,5 g (vre.záparové)
MA Status: D - Marketing Authorisation valid for an unlimited period
Type of procedure: National
Therapeutic Class: 92 - TRADIČNÉ RASTLINNÉ LIEKY
Shelf life: 24
Container: sachet
Route of admin.: Oral use
Prescription Status: Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
MA issued: 28.05.1998
Pediatric indication: Yes
SPC: SPC_Žalúdočná čajová zmes_05.2021.pdf  
PIL: PIL_Žalúdočná čajová zmes_05.2021.pdf  
Safety feature No
Data update: 17.06.2021
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