The Heads of Medicines Agencies was held in Bratislava

Bratislava, 12.9.2016

The directors of EU medicines agencies met in Bratislava due to regular meeting that is usually hosted by the presidency of the day. The main topics of the meeting were an optimization and harmonization of IT processes and non-availability of medicines.

On 5 – 7 September 2016 the meeting of the Heads of Medicines Agencies was held in the Building of the National Council at Župné námestie in Bratislava. The meeting was organized by the State Institute for Drug Control as one out of 7 meetings that are going to be hosted within the EU Slovak Presidency.

The meeting was attended by almost 100 delegates – directors of the EU medicines agencies, EC representatives as well as European Directorate for the Quality for Medicines representative.

The main topics to be discussed were an optimization and harmonization of IT processes in order to simplify processes for medicines registration and for clinical trials in the EU. Attention was also paid to the unavailability of medicines as one of the priorities of the EU Slovak Presidency. Progress in activities had been also reported in Multi-Annual Work Plan as a platform for delivering objectives set out in HMA/EMA strategy for 2016-2020.  

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